Linksys EA8300 AC2200 MU-MIMO Max-Stream Wireless Router Review

In the event that anything Linksys has learned in its about three-decade long residency of making a portion of the best home systems administration gadgets in the business – it's that nobody switch fits all sizes.
Linksys EA8300 MU-MIMO Max-Stream Router

While some may need the most crude yield and power conceivable (and will forfeit huge lumps of work area space to get it), there are switches like the EA9500. However, for the individuals who may live in a littler home or loft, all that additional power is lost when you're not transmitting information over separations more than 20ft toward any path. So what's a client in the center expected to purchase?

Indeed, continue perusing in my Linksys EA8300 AC2200 MU-MIMO Max-Stream switch survey to discover!


Outline: The Linksys EA8300 MU-MIMO Max-Stream is a mid-valued switch that puts out best level execution, while as yet including huge numbers of the same rockstar highlights like Smart WiFi to help wrap everything up.

Cost: $199.99

Accessible: Now

Display: EA8300

What We Liked

Practical, moderate outline

Incredible execution at short range

Linksys Smart WiFi is as yet lord of switch programming

What We Didn't

Could utilize more wired ports


Linksys EA8300 Review

Presently where have we seen this previously…

For any individual who's as of now read our audit of the Linksys EA9500, the plan of the EA8300 should feel like a natural face in the group. Nearly everything from the EA9500 has been duplicate/glued over to the EA8300, though in a considerably more petite bundle than previously.

The EA8300 is both significantly littler and lighter than its greater sibling, at only 8.41 x 6.37 x 2.16 in around and 1lb overwhelming (contrasted with 3.25lbs from the EA9500). This implies it's made to fit in more tightly spots in your home office, or possibly hold tight the divider without requiring a stay tighten to hold it put.

Around the fringe of the dark on-dark plastic coincided shell are four every dark reception apparatus, contrasted with the six we found on the EA9500. This proposes there may be somewhat less power yield than what we'd ordinarily observe on switches of this size, however more on that later.

The new LED status screen amidst the switch likewise bears specifying, as it includes simply one more little layer of "cool" over a switch which as of now looks 95% the part. The unpretentious orange and white features sparkle brilliantly (however not very splendidly) off the surface, letting you know whether the switch is having any issues with availability or just to tell you that everything's running fit as a fiddle.


The Linksys EA8300 highlights a 716MHz quad-center processor with three offload processors, tri-band AC2200 remote, 802.11ac/n/a 2.4Ghz/5GHz recieving wires with MU-MIMO beamforming ability, four powerful reception apparatuses, five gigabit Ethernet ports (4 LAN, 1 Internet), and one USB 3.0 port for setting up outside media servers.


Talking about media servers, setting one up in Linksys' Smart WiFi framework – like everything in that product dashboard – is a breeze. I've spouted perpetually about every one of the advantages you get with Linksys Smart WiFi that the opposition can't coordinate, and the case keeps on seeming to be accurate on the EA8300.

Regardless of whether it's adjusting your parental controls, watching gadget logs from your telephone, or motivating media to stream to any gadget anyplace you are on the planet, you can do it in Linksys' Smart WiFi dashboard.

As a piece of the Max-Stream group of Linksys switches, we expected just the best speeds out of this somewhat little entertainer, and we didn't leave the testing table disillusioned.

Notwithstanding its AC2200 rating, the Linksys EA8300 still figured out how to direct out an even rate of 150.97Mbps down, 31.75Mbps when testing the 2.4GHz band from a separation of five feet away. That transfer score could utilize some work, yet by one means or another we really showed signs of improvement score once we pushed the 2.4GHz testing to a separation of 30ft. On that test we could accomplish 163.82Mbps down and 76.39Mbps up, outstanding amongst other scores recorded to date.Linksys EA8300 2.4GHz 30ft

Note: All speed tests led from this audit forward will presently utilize a neighborhood Stephouse Networks server, instead of the immediate line to Centurylink. This is because of a difference in address from our old testing offices, which were already near the CL hub. These will deliver marginally speedier outcomes in all cases, autonomous of the particular switch we're trying. Linksys EA8300 5GHz 5ft

The EA8300 held up similarly too when it went to the 5GHz range, timing a respectable score of 502.53Mbps down/281.26Mbps up when fleeing. Next was the 30ft test, which as dependably keeps running with a few dividers and entryways put between the base station and the workstation to get the most sensible outcomes. Being that 5GHz endures between deterrents, it was justifiable when we saw the almost cut down the middle score of 261.30Mbps down/118.50Mbps return to round out the 30ft separation results.Linksys EA8300 5GHz 30ft

Wrap Up

The Linksys EA8300 is yet another ace in Linksys developing pocket of knockout systems administration hardware, furnishing both average sized mortgage holders with bigger families or single flat abiding gamers with the speed and execution they require without burning up all available resources.

At $199.99 the EA8300 AC2200 MU-MIMO Max-Stream switch is aggressively cost out, particularly given the better than expected execution we saw at relatively every range. Add to this the ever-immaculate Linksys Smart WiFi framework over its lower-profile fabricate and you get a switch that is balanced and future sufficiently sealed to legitimize the venture.


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