The Best Ultralight Tents and Shelters of 2018

Hoping to help your pack weight during the current year's exploring trips? We've raked through 50 models of sub-two-pound tents and chose the best 16, contrasting them head-with head amid long climbs, and high nation drifts through the High Sierra, Utah Canyon Country, the Colorado Rockies, and the Himalayas. We put each tent and covering through a thorough assessment, surveying each model by means of an assortment of measurements. Also, we've featured the tents that sparkle in a specific metric, so you'll know which tent is best for your sort of experience, be it walking long miles through the desert or bright spring ski visits. Go more distant quicker and rest all the more serenely with a ultralight tent. In case you're hoping to overhaul your unit or somebody you cherish is headed for PCT magnificence one year from now, read on so you can shop like a specialist.

With winter climate in transit, you'll require a tent that can shed snow and be set up in different territory. For this season, we've included the mainstream Black Diamond Mega Light, a tremendous four-man pyramid style tent, ideal for winter base outdoors. The Mega Light gauges an insufficient 2.8 pounds; somewhat substantial for a ultralight show, however light when you think about that it's a sanctuary for four, and can be part up as needs be. Moreover, it's one of the more moderate tents in the lineup. Proceeding with the winter climate subject, we've invested a lot of energy resting in the TarpTents StratoSpire Li, enduring long periods of rain and even a reasonable piece of snow. This tent performed incredibly in wet climate and wins our Top Pick for Weather Resistance. The StratoSpire's plan and generally speaking execution are like the Zpacks Duplex, which remains our Editors' Choice because of its mix of weight and reasonableness.

Best Overall Ultralight Tent

ZPacks Duplex Flex Upgrade

$600 List

Rundown Price

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Weight of tent, fly, shafts: 1 lb 5 oz | Floor measurements: 45 x 90 in

Worked in bug security and a strong floor

Discretionary unsupported update

Waterproof, even without zippered terminations

Littler vestibules than different models


In 2016, Zpacks supplanted their Hexamid Twin tent with the new Duplex, which remains the best in general ultralight tent that we have tried. The Duplex offers awesome climate insurance on every one of the four sides, with its super breeze stable canvas plan and the expansion of twin entryways and secured vestibules. In contrast to a large portion of the comparable tents in this audit, it has sewn in bug security and a story, while as yet tipping the scales at a unimportant 21 ounces. What we cherished was how much room there was inside, as there's bounty for two individuals with packs to say the least. The sewn in bug netting keeps you shielded from animals that need to chomp you in the night, while additionally giving a lot of ventilation to counteract buildup development within the single divider. Contrasted with the regularly little two-man tents that we contrasted it with, this tent is authentically sufficiently huge for two individuals to be agreeable, with space to save!

It is anything but an unsupported model, so you'll need to utilize trekking posts to set it up, or buy a custom arrangement of shafts in the event that you incline toward not to climb with them. We obtained the Freestanding Flex update that wipes out the requirement for trekking shafts and makes the Duplex more versatile for an extra $125. That makes this tent much more costly, as it's as of now $600. DCF or Dyneema Composite Fiber (once in the past Cuben) which this tent is made out of is as we would like to think the best tent material your cash could purchase, however absolutely comes at a higher cost. Zpacks is a little organization which frequently makes items to arrange, so you may need to sit tight a while for it — give yourself plentiful lead time, especially amid the bustling season. That aside, this tent effectively one of the lightest for two individuals, procuring it our Editors' Choice honor.

Perused survey: Zpacks Duplex Flex Upgrade

Best Weather Protection

Tarptent StratoSpire Li

$700 List

Rundown Price

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Weight of tent, fly, shafts: 1.58 lbs | Floor measurements: 86 x 45 inches

Two enormous vestibules keep your rigging out of the rain

Exceptionally steady in high breezes

Space for two, extravagant for one

Amazing ventilation

No unsupported alternative


The Tarptent StratoSpire Li is light so you can move quick, yet what truly recognizes it from the Zpacks Duplex are its two extensive vestibules, numerous ventilation focuses, and its zippers strengthened with tempest folds. In case you're stuck enduring long periods of terrible climate (like our unfortunate analyzers), the StratoSpire is the tent you need to be stuck in, as the two vestibules give adequate space to dry stockpiling and cooking. Having the capacity to bubble water for some espresso and remain dry on a chilly and stormy morning will be more than worth the additional ounces that originate from the waterproof zippers and corner ventilation folds. This tent is developed with waterproof Dyneema that doesn't stretch or droop when it gets wet, in addition to a tough floor and bug net that is effortlessly removable. While the Duplex is the lightest of the pack, there's a ton to adore about the StratoSpire.

Like different tents and canvases produced using Dyneema, the StratoSpire is costly. This ultralight royal residence will set you back around $700; some will locate the climate assurance at such a light weight, making it worth each penny. This tent requires two trekking shafts and eight stakes (ultralight and included) for setting up, constraining where you can set up. On the off chance that you don't care for conveying trekking posts or one a ski or waterway trip, Tarptent offers a couple of help shafts for an extra $32.

Perused survey: Tarptent StratoSpire Li

Best Freestanding UL Option

NEMO Hornet Elite


(30% off)

at Backcountry

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See all costs (4 found)

Weight of tent, fly, shafts: 1 lb 11.4 oz | Floor measurements: 85 x 51 in

Sets up on a bigger number of surfaces than tents that require stakes

Light for a tent that sets up without trekking posts

Poor ventilation

Somewhat little for two individuals


The Nemo Hornet Elite is the best committed shaft tent in this survey (it doesn't require trekking posts for setup). We preferred it so much that we got a handle on constrained to give a second Editors' Choice honor. In case you're searching for a lightweight tent, however don't generally convey trekking posts or would prefer not to need to convey customizable shafts, this is the best alternative. There are two vestibules and entryways (one on each side), which altogether builds the bearableness and the additional storage room. It likewise builds the tent's security in the breeze by going about as additional person out focuses on the sides.

The Hornet is somewhat tight for two, yet the vestibules do give you some storage room for your rigging. With the fly on we saw an unmistakable absence of ventilation, however once more, those swinging doors help air things out. It's additionally costly and not so significantly lighter than the Nemo Hornet 2P, so on the off chance that you need to spare a touch of cash, look at that one. We can tell what the additional mixture is going for however. It's the best choice for rough locales usually found over 10,000 feet, where it tends to be a test to locate the six or so incredible stake recognizes that the Duplex or most canvases and non-detached tents require. This is the main committed shaft tent to win an Editors' Choice honor in our ultralight classification — and we can't consider one that merited it more.

Perused survey: Nemo Hornet Elite

Best Bang for the Buck

Dark Diamond Beta Light


(25% off)

at Backcountry

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Weight of tent, fly, shafts: 1 lb 3 oz | Floor measurements: 98 x 80 in

Easy to set up

Doesn't consume up much room in your pack

Incredible execution in high breezes

Focus of living region isolated by the two help shafts

Requires movable trekking shafts for setup

In the event that you needn't bother with bug netting, the Black Diamond Beta Light is the most ideal alternative at an extraordinarily lessened cost. It is a great "do everything admirably" shield, scoring profoundly in every one of the measurements we evaluated. It has a lot of room inside for two individuals and their packs, in addition to a pooch, and it is tall enough that you can sit up within it. We additionally like its versatility; you can pitch it off the ground a bit for better wind stream, or lower it to shut off the holes when it's blustery or raging. The best part is that it packs down into a stuff sack far littler than some other in this audit, even the coverings. This was particularly valued by those of us who just knapsack with a 40L pack.

While it doesn't have worked in bug security, Black Diamond offers a bug netting embed for those that need to expand its utilization amid the buggiest months. Nonetheless, the bug netting is substantial (1 lb 13 oz) and costs $170, which winds up nullifying a portion of the cost investment funds of this mid. The two inside trekking shafts give a steady structure, particularly in the breeze, yet they set up amidst the tent, as opposed to on the edges like most other trekking post tents, a conceivable issue on the off chance that you intend to cuddle up with your accomplice. On the off chance that you are arranging an experience where the absence of bug mesh won't be an issue, at that point we suggest the Beta Light as the best esteem ultralight alternative, and love its fabulous cost! Need considerably more space? The Beta Light's Cousin, the Black Diamond Mega Light has space for four individuals, it's still particularly light and sensibly moderate.

Perused survey: Black Diamond Beta Light

Best Ultralight Tent for One Person

Gossamer Gear The One

$300 List

Rundown Price

See It

Weight of tent, fly, shafts: 1 lb 10.8 oz | Floor measurements: 88 x 34 inches

A lot of room, regardless of whether you're tall, wide, or have huge amounts of apparatus.

Extraordinary highlights

Sets up rapidly and effortlessly

Appropriate introduction to wind is essential for ideal breeze obstruction

While numerous individuals love hiking with family or companions, we can't help thinking that similarly the same number of appreciate setting out on boondocks missions solo. In the spring of 2018, we attempted to test some quality single pe


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