Charitable Donations: Google Play Store will soon donate to charitable organizations

Just in time for the season, which is all about giving and getting together, Google launches a new donation campaign for charity. The whole thing is not yet active, but you should soon on a Android devices over the link  or just go directly to the Google Play Store on a dedicated donation page.

There you can choose from ten different non-profit organizations and decide how much you want to donate to them. According to Google, this should be very straightforward and the amounts would also be 100 percent forwarded to the organizations, without Google would abzwacken here a small part.

The following organizations are participating in the fundraiser:

American Red Cross
charity: water
Doctors Without Borders USA
Girls Who Code
International Rescue Committee
Room to Read
Save the Children
World Food Program USA
World Wildlife Fund US

Google: Dedicated sounds app in version 2.0 already available with all Pixel devices

On Google Pixel devices, but also on smartphones that rely on custom pixel launcher, you can have long been on a dedicated wallpaper app , if you have the time to adjust its wallpaper or the image in the lock screen. All photos deposited there are selected by Google and can be downloaded and used by you.

Exactly according to this principle now works also the dedicated App tones in version 2.0. It's also designed by Google for use on pixel phones and includes a fairly wide range of different ringtones. The previous ringtone selection is well known, still quite clear.

In the Google Play Store, the current version (currently) is not yet available, but as an APK APKMirror Android Police. After installing it, you will not find a new app in the app overview, but will reach it via the path in the settings and then in the section sounds -> ringtone.

Similar to the background app, here are all ringtones divided into certain genres, can be listened to the sample and of course also set as a new ringtone. If you tap on a new ringtone, it will be downloaded directly within the app. Whether the app will later be available on other devices than the pixel phones, is currently not known.

Rental bicycles and scooters directly in Google Maps

If public transport is out of the question for you and your destination is too far for a walk, why not use a bike or scooter? This is the basic principle of all sharing systems and also that of Lime. Now, Google Maps suggests the location of Lime's bikes and e-scooters nearby to ease your journey.

Google's map service is used daily by millions of people traveling and everyday. Whether it's turn-by-turn car navigation, hiking, public transport, taxis, and even Uber, Google Maps tries to help you reach your destination quickly and efficiently. From today the service offers a pleasant and useful addition.

In 13 cities (Auckland, Austin, Baltimore, Brisbane (Australia), Dallas, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, San Diego, Oakland, San Antonio, San Jose, Scottsdale and Seattle) you can now use Google Maps bikes and e-scooters in find near. Maps displays a special button on the Public Transportation tab with the estimated price. With one click, you then open the official application or get into the App Store, if you have not yet installed.

The integration of Lime into the maps of the American search giant is no coincidence. Alphabet (the parent company of Google) has invested heavily in Lime. We are sure that the e-scooter service will soon reach more cities in Google Maps.

Do you already use a bike / scooter sharing system?


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