The best smartphones under 300 euros

Good smartphones are already available for little money, already in the price range around 300 euros you have the choice between many great devices. Some of these smartphones are characterized by good workmanship, others have a surprisingly great display. Or are you just looking for a good all-rounder?

For a good smartphone you do not have to spend a fortune, already in the price range around 300 euros you have the choice between many great devices. Of course, we at Mobile Geeks know that every smartphone user has different requirements and criteria - maybe our favorite smartphones are not the right choice for you. That's why we've listed the biggest plus for each of the smartphones in this list to help make the decision a little easier.

For its price range, the G6 offers not only good workmanship but also a beautiful design
Excellent rear camera
Good battery life
5.7-inch LCD screen with a resolution of 2160 x 1080 pixels, Moto Display is a great and practical feature
Gorilla Glass 3
Fast Charging via USB Type-C

The Moto G series is not necessarily known for its fast software updates
The display is okay, but there are better alternatives
Unfortunately no NFC
The device is a bit slippery
The Moto G6 offers around 90 percent of the features of a smartphone that is twice or three times as expensive. A few years ago, such a device would have cost much more, but budget component prices have dropped significantly and nowadays they have many of the features and features of their expensive counterparts. The purchase of a flagship smartphone is therefore worthwhile in many cases not at all.

At the time of this update - ie July 2018 - the Moto G6 is still brand new and will receive Motorola software updates for at least two more years. And because it is already a budget smartphone, the price will hardly change in the next few years. If you are looking for a low-cost Android device, you can confidently access.

If you take a look at the 5.7-inch 1080p display, the first obvious compromise is noticeable. The display is sharp, but the colors look a bit pale compared to more expensive devices. However, the biggest shortcoming is the reaction speed - it reacts much slower to touch. A plus point is the Moto Display. This feature celebrated its debut five years ago with the Moto X and has hardly changed except for a few improvements, but this should not be a criticism. Being able to respond to alerts while the screen is off - or rather, passively on - is still one of the most convenient and easy-to-use smartphone features. Although always-on displays are now very popular,

Moto Display can be activated by touching the screen or by moving the device. While I miss the ability to use a proximity sensor to activate the feature, the G6 is ultimately a budget device and such a feature would significantly increase its price.

Motorola moto g6 smartphone (14.5 cm (5.7 inches), 32GB internal memory, 3GB RAM, Android) Deep Indigo

Price: EUR 167.87 or used from EUR 156.12

361 customer reviews 4.3 out of 5 stars
Moto E5 Plus Dual SIM for a low price


Excellent battery life
Good camera, except in low light conditions
Very stick-like Android
Expandable storage space
Fast fingerprint scanner

Timely software updates are unlikely
Micro-USB is now obsolete
Low display resolution
The user interface feels a bit slow now and then
At first glance, the Moto E5 Plus may not look as appealing as the Moto G6, which already has $ 20 more for its slightly outdated hardware. But it has a huge 5000 mAh battery that can easily last for several days. The Snapdragon 425 and the very stick-like Android 8.0 are still running very smoothly. Thanks to dual-SIM, the Moto E5 Plus is especially suitable for people who travel a lot.

Motorola moto e5 play Smartphone (13.46 cm (5.3 inches), 1 GB RAM / 16 GB, Android, Black

Price: EUR 103.91 or used from EUR 102.00

0 customer reviews
Huawei P20 Lite


High quality and lightweight design
Great battery life
Many features

Aging processor
fingerprint magnet
Software is already a bit older
In addition to good cameras, the Huawei P20 Lite also offers a multitude of features, good battery life, fast charging, face unlocking and a large display.

The only point of criticism: despite the optimized software, the Kirin 659 is nearing the end of its life cycle and will probably not be that fast in the next few years.

The P20 Lite has a beautiful design, which is characterized by glass and metal and also offers a good screen-to-body ratio - and a Notch. Compared to its high-end siblings, the P20 Lite is a disappointment, but thanks to the low price, it is still a good choice.

Lenovo Moto G5 - Good all-rounder smartphone


Cheap smartphone with a housing that is partly made of metal
Sharp and colorful HD display
Fast fingerprint sensor

The Motorola G5 is currently one of the best deals on the smartphone market. Both the workmanship and the camera are good and the battery lasts all day long. Another plus: It does not look like a cheap smartphone. The excellent fingerprint sensor, Quick Charge 3.0 and the latest version of Android also contribute to the higher-quality appearance. For people who are looking for a new smartphone from a well-known manufacturer and at a great price, the G5 is ideal.

We recommend you instead of the 16 GB version with 3 GB of RAM, which currently costs about 150 euros, rather spend a little more and buy 220 euros for the model with 32 GB of internal memory.

Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 - Great Display


Very high quality design
water Resistant
Nice, bright AMOLED display
Good battery life

Although the device offers good performance for the price and thanks to the high-quality design, it at least looks like a high-end smartphone. Nevertheless, you will notice that the performance does not match that of a high-end device. Sooner or later you'll get used to the occasional pause between switching apps and the slightly longer load times.
We also recommend the predecessor A5 2016 as a model. The biggest differences are the outdated design, the slightly worse camera, the 100mAh smaller battery, 16GB instead of 32GB storage space and only a dual SIM / MicroSD slot (instead of two SIM and one SD card slot). Also missing are Samsung Pay MST, a gyroscope and a barometer. The newer version is also water resistant.

Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) Smartphone (5.2 inch (13.22 cm) touch display, 32 GB memory, Android 6.0) peach-cloud (European SIM card only)

Price: EUR 259.00 or used from EUR 200.87

1101 customer reviews 4.1 out of 5 stars
Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 - The safe choice


water Resistant
Nice designGood battery life
USB Type-C
MicroSD slot
Very bright and colorful Super AMOLED display
Good camera (unlike current high-end Samsung smartphones, however, there are occasional delays and jerks.)
The 2350mAh battery may seem a bit small at first glance, but thanks to the relatively small and low-resolution display (4.7 inches, 720p), it can last all day long.

Due to the low screen resolution, the display is often a bit blurry
Because of the Pentile display matrix, the pixels are very noticeable. (It's best not to look so closely!) Once you've noticed them, the pixels are always jumping in your face!)
Only 16GB of internal memory, but thanks to the MicroSD card slot can be extended
The Samsung Galaxy A3 is definitely a nice smartphone. Being almost entirely made of metal and glass, it is one of the best-looking midrange devices.

If you are looking for a well-made smartphone with a simple design and a good camera, then the Galaxy A3 is a good choice.

Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017) Smartphone (4.7 inches) Touch Display, 16GB Memory, Android 6.0) Black

Price: EUR 288,00 or used from EUR 119,90

720 customer reviews 4.1 out of 5 stars
Honor 7X - For style-conscious


Screen-to-body ratio of 82.9%
Dual camera and many camera features
Ordinary battery life
Headphone jack

Camera is just average
Unreliable portrait mode
No USB Type-C
Will ship with Android Nougat
Not water resistant
Although the Honor 7X only costs $ 200, it feels like a flagship smartphone thanks to its superb and durable aluminum design and Android 8.0 Oreo with its fast EMUI 8 interface. The dual camera takes surprisingly good pictures and the hardware is also very good for the price - namely, a Kirin 659 octa-core processor and 4 GB RAM are installed. The 3340 mAh battery provides good battery life and with the fingerprint sensor on the back, you can conveniently call up the notification panel.

The conclusion: With the 7X Honor offers a decent smartphone with 18: 9 display, which feels like a flagship smartphone, but costs significantly less.

Honor 7X smartphone (15.06 "(5.93") display, 64GB internal memory, Android 7.0) Gray

Price: EUR 205,05 or used from EUR 182,99

519 customer reviews 4.6 out of 5 stars
Xiaomi Redmi 4a - Great workmanship + LTE


Ordinary camera
Liquid performance
Big battery
Good display
4G / LTE

Android Marshmallow
The display is unfortunately not protected by Gorilla Glass and scratched quickly - we therefore recommend a screen protector made of tempered glass.
Larger apps often have long load times.
If you are looking for a budget smartphone with good battery life and a good camera, then the Redmi 4a is a good choice. However, when many apps are open, the performance leaves much to be desired every now and then. In addition, besides Gorilla Glass you also have to do without the latest Android version. For the price of 160 euros, but it definitely exceeds our expectations - without screen protector we would not use it.

Xiaomi Redmi 4A Smartphone 32GB (Dual SIM, 12.7cm (5 ") Display, 13MP Camera, Android 6.0) Black

Price: --- or used from

0 customer reviews
Apple iPhone SE - Best Budget iPhone


Good camera, even in low light
Is compatible with the latest iOS version
Great performance
Headphone jack

Average battery life
Bad front camera
Not water resistant
No SD card slot
The iPhone SE is equipped with the same hardware as the iPhone 6s.
According to Apple , it is the "most powerful 4-inch smartphone of all time," especially because of the A9 processor. The camera is great and takes better pictures in low light than most other midrange devices. With a screen size of 4 inches, it is a "normal size" smartphone and also a headphone jack is available. On the iPhone SE iOS 11 runs, so if you do not want to buy an Android smartphone and at the same time looking for a budget device, for the SE is probably the only choice.

Here is an important tip: Do not buy an iPhone that is older than the iPhone 5s, because iOS 11 does not run on older devices with 32-bit CPUs.

But even the iPhone 5s we do not really recommend, because it will receive no more software updates and many apps will soon be no longer compatible with the device.

Apple iPhone SE, 4 "Display, 32 GB, 2016, Space Gray

Price: --- or used from

591 customer reviews 4.1 out of 5 stars
Apple iPhone 6S

There are no budget-friendly options in Apple's range. The iPhone SE was until recently a good choice, but without a new edition remains only the iPhone 6S - after all, there are now already for less than 300 euros.

The front camera of the iPhone 6S with its 5 MP is much better than that of the iPhone SE and the quality of the display is significantly higher thanks to retina resolution and the screen diagonal of 4.7 inches. Also 3D Touch is on board. The iPhone 6S is a great choice for those who want better selfies and a bigger display.


Our test:  LG G6 Test: The flagship smartphone for everyone

LG has - after the last year with the modular G5 had bogged something - back to basics and so we summarize in our test:

With the G6 LG is again an absolute premium smartphone succeeded, which you can recommend to almost anyone - almost a "Smartphone for the Masses". After the modular G5, this time LG has come up with a seemingly simple flagship, which convinces in almost all respects, especially in the points that are crucial for just about any smartphone user: the display, the durability of the device and the camera.

In fact, the G6 looks surprisingly unspectacular and is one of the few flagship devices of the year 2017 still on the Snapdragon 821. From that the G6 is really a typical "Everyman" smartphone with which most smartphone users be absolutely satisfied. There are prints for LG because they offer a stronger version outside of Europe: Unfortunately, both wireless charging and the larger memory as well as the Quad DAC sound did not make it into our version - this can be done even better in the new year.

Currently, the G6 is already offered for around 265 euros - for a smartphone of this quality in 2018 still an absolute no-brainer, if you ask us.

display: 5.7-inch FullVision® QHD + (2880 x 1440/564 ppi)
Processor: Qualcomm  Snapdragon 821 quad-core SoC with up to 2.35 GHz
Random access memory: 4 GB LPDDR4 RAM
Storage: 32 GB UFS 2.0 expandable via microSD card by up to 2 TB
Operating system: Android 7.0 Nougat
Rear camera: Dual camera with 13 MP, wide angle, (f / 2.4, 125 °) and 13 MP standard OIS 2.0 (f / 1.8, 71 °)
Front camera: 5 MP camera with wide angle (f / 2.2, 100 °)
Connections: USB Type-C 2.0 (3.1 compatible); 3.5mm headphone jack
Battery pack: 3.300 mAh with Quick Charge 3.0, Wireless Charging (US only!)
IP Certification: IP68
Miscellaneous: Fingerprint Sensor / UX 6.0 / Dolby Vision ™ / HDR10 / 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC (not in Europe!)

LG Electronics G6 Smartphone (14.47 cm (5.7 inches) display, 32GB memory, Android 7.0) Black

Price: EUR 274,00 or used from EUR 193.48

417 customer reviews 4.0 out of 5 stars
ASUS ZenFone 4 Max
Best battery life


Huge 5000mAh battery with 5.5 "display
The battery life is outstanding, on average, the battery lasts for two whole days, in light use, it is even three days. It will be difficult to empty the entire battery within a day.
Can be used as a power bank for other smartphones
Good display that does not look like budget smartphones. The colors are neither washed out nor supersaturated and the whites are very clear and bright, only the blacks could be a bit stronger.
In decent light conditions, the camera makes good pictures. In low light, the images of the wide-angle camera are a bit noisy, but still usable, but the photos of the standard camera are not really good.
13MP main camera + 8MP wide angle camera

Average design
ZenUI is not for everyone
The combination of Snapdragon 430 and 3 / 4GB RAM is fine, but it can occasionally come to jerks, as the software by default provides battery life on the performance. But since the battery is big enough, you can safely deactivate the power saving mode. That should at least improve the performance a bit.
The mid-range performance is especially noticeable in the camera, which reacts a bit slowly every now and then. However, this seems to be a software problem, because even the camera of the ZenFone 4 Pro often jerky - and there is a Snapdragon 835 under the hood.

If battery life is the most important consideration for you, the Zen Fone 4 Max with its phenomenal battery life is an absolutely great smartphone. In addition, the user interface "ZenUI" has been given a new look and is now much tidier than previous versions. The only criticism: The design is a bit outdated and thin ZenFone 4 Max is not necessarily synonymous - in the foreground here is clearly the functionality of the device.


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